Your attendance is mandatory

Your attendance is mandatory

This is what we consider a very important part for surviving EDSA meetings: as you can imagine we had an insane shortage of money since Germany is so expensive and on top we have to pay high taxes. We spent a lot of time getting sponsorships to make this meeting possible for you. We took on this challenge without any insight but managed to pull it off in the end. The consequence is that we organised a congress to make sponsorships possible. However, we know from past experiences that these days aren’t always visited by everyone. That is why we have decided to scan every participant who enters the lectures, the GA and especially the workshops. We promised every sponsor, and these are big organisations, that all of you guys will attend. To make this acceptable for you, we really took the time to find fun topics and workshops for you. 

We will be really strict to make sure everyone is present. If you are not present during the congress, you will receive no certificate, no prizes or allowed any of the many goodies. If you arrive late, the congress, dinner and party won’t be accessible. Furthermore EDSA has strict guidelines about presence and roll calls and there have even been letters to deans of faculties in the past due to repeated absence. 

Let’s not speculate about these things and just make sure everyone is present and taking part in the entire event as expected of us. If we satisfy all the organisations, we can make similar meetings like this a reality in the future. An email will follow in the future where we ask for your preferences regarding the workshops. 

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